Cubic³ Direct in a Nutshell

Cubic³ Direct supplies and supports reliable concrete equipment with exceptional service, delivering value to our customers through a lower total cost of ownership on machinery.


Our History

Early Days / Nurock

In 1987, our Technical Director Tony operated a concrete delivery business, by building numerous mixers himself in his yard and improving them based on real-world experience delivering concrete.

His son Graham, now Managing Director, worked the mixers delivering concrete as a teenager before setting up Nurock Mixers to operate, build and sell the latest version of the machines. As Nurock, the team developed and manufactured mixers, and delivered projects in the UK, Europe, North Africa and Russia. 

Design & Engineering

Once the team had grown into a highly experienced design and manufacturing operation, Graham set up Cubic3 Design & Engineering Ltd to render services to Rail, Defence, and the Construction sector in addition to producing bespoke Nurock mixers.

In parallel to engineering work, they joined forces with KCP Heavy Industries Co Ltd, a Korean concrete pump manufacturer with global sales and USD 100+ million turnover, to develop a new product, the KC3 volumetric concrete mixer, combining our deep product knowledge with their large-scale manufacturing expertise.

Cubic³ Direct & KCP

Now, Cubic³ Direct brings the KC3 Mixer, KCP Concrete Pumps and other products to you with a straightforward purchase experience based on an innovative low-overhead business model. We have also worked closely to support development of the KCP pump product line so that they meet the expectations and legislative requirements of our European customers.

Your pumps and mixers will be supported with engineering capability and spare parts from our Liverpool workshop, as well as our stock holding partners. Our training partners will deliver best-in-class training on delivery of the equipment. You can also find in our store a range OF concrete equipment courtesy of Altrad-Belle and WAM group.

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