6th June 2020

The KC3 Mixer is now available in South Korea as well as the UK and Europe. The latest KC3M8 volumetric mixer, delivered to a customer in South Korea, is able to mix permeable concrete – with a range of benefits to customers.

Also known as ‘no fines’ concrete, this product is mixed using two additives, liquid and powder. The fast draining concrete product keeps stormwater from from building up on streets, paths and sports surfaces. This has many cost and maintenance benefits to the management of the premises.

This optional extra follows a similar design from Cubic3 Design and Engineering which was fitted to a Nurock concrete mixer used to build the walls of a French museum with the innovative SIREWALL rammed earth system. Read more about that project here.

The KC3 is available now in the UK and internationally. Contact us on 0151 546 6650 or [email protected] to find out more.


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