1st November 2018

Northfield Construction have purchased a KCP KB-M32R placing boom supplied by Cubic³ Direct for use in the construction of the new Rolls-Royce Testbed Facility in Derby.

Northfield Construction Ltd is a leading national subcontractor of reinforced concrete and associated groundworks. With over 400 successfully completed projects in its portfolio, Northfield Construction Limited has been awarded numerous Concrete Society Awards for quality of workmanship and technical expertise.

The new Rolls-Royce test bed will be used to test civil aero engines and is expected to be commissioned in 2020. The testbed will have an internal area of 7,500m2, making it larger than a Premiership football pitch, and will be surrounded by two concrete walls which measure up to 1.7m thick.

The pump is currently working at 10 metres with a reach of 32m and full rotation, and in the next phase of construction will be raised 10m higher with an additional mast. The placing boom will be used in conjunction with pumps owned and operated by Northfield Construction.

Give us a call for more information about the project or the placing boom on 0151 546 6650. There is a short video of the construction from Northfield below.


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