KC3 M8 Volumetric Mixer


A reliable, accurate volumetric concrete mixer with low total cost of ownership. The KC3 M8 is operator and fitter friendly as it is simple to use and maintain.

  • Durable & Simple to Operate

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • 7 Year Hopper Warranty

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The KC3M8 volumetric concrete mixer has been designed and made with KCP Heavy Industries in South Korea. It features the best of UK and Korean design and engineering experience. The simple, user and fitter-friendly design features robust construction, with Hardox steel aggregate hoppers guaranteed for 7 years. Cubic3 and KCP have been using Hardox steel in volumetric mixers since 2016. Key features of the KC3 M8 are (1) Reliable operation over a long life means less parts and service costs, for a low total cost ownership. (2) An accurate computer system controls up to 50 concrete mix designs (3) Stay in control with manual hydraulic overrides.

Available on Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Renault and other manufacturers.

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